The Three Souls of Podemos

Jorge Galindo - 25 d febrero d 2016

Five days ago, the negotiators of Podemos and PSOE gathered for the first time, accompanied by representatives from similar ideological forces. The base document for the negotiations presented by Podemos is […]

Flexible work arrangements and their impact on work-family balance

Luis Cornago - 4 d febrero d 2016

In the last twenty years several influential texts have pointed out the change in contractual relationships that has occurred in the contemporary workplace. Authors like Sennet (2001), Beck (2000) or […]

Spain is not Denmark (in yet another sense)

Luis Abenza - 29 d diciembre d 2015

Spain and the strategic dilemma of coalition government Since its transition to democracy in 1978, Spain has not had a single coalition government. This, together with the distance between the […]

Four predictions on the future of Spanish politics

Luis Abenza - 21 d diciembre d 2015

As I’m writing this, the last votes of the Spanish general election are being counted and the results are basically out. In this piece, I will provide a short description […]

Who will win the next Spanish elections? A forecast based on polls

Kiko Llaneras - 12 d diciembre d 2015

The upcoming general election in Spain will bring a complete change to the country’s political landscape. The overhauling of the party system is a safe bet, but there is a […]

The origins of the conflict for Catalan self-government (II)

Luis Abenza - 3 d diciembre d 2015

See part I of the series here. We saw in the previous piece how the 2003 Catalan elections and the 2004 Spanish general elections ultimately led to the approval of a controversial statute by referendum. What followed […]

Divide and Conquer – The Long-Term Political Effects of Terrorism

Gonzalo Rivero - 24 d noviembre d 2015

Politikon is very proud to present this guest post by Anna Getmansky (Department of Government, University of Essex) and Thomas Zeitzoff  (School of Public Affairs, American University). Anna specializes in the relationship between domestic political institutions […]

A crowded left: the reconfiguration of Spain’s party system

Jorge Galindo - 16 d noviembre d 2015

Less than fifty days ahead of the general election, the left side of the electoral spectrum is more crowded than ever in Spain. The three-decade-long dominance of Spain’s Socialist party (PSOE) […]

The origins of the conflict for Catalan self-government (I)

Luis Abenza - 10 d noviembre d 2015

Catalonia’s fit within Spain has been a hot topic of Spanish politics for at least a decade. If one had to pick a starting point of the current chapter, the 2004 general election […]

Upcoming elections in Spain: a strategic outlook

Jorge Galindo - 4 d noviembre d 2015

«Experiments should not be done at the expense of Spaniards.» Mariano Rajoy. The sentence illustrates the PP’s electoral strategy. The once mainstream center-right party is nowadays running on a much thinner, essentially conservative platform. […]

The core of Spanish parties

Jorge Galindo - 1 d noviembre d 2015

The fallout of traditional parties and the emergence of new alternatives has come to tear up the relative homogeneity that existed across PP and PSOE voters. The electoral demand has become […]

Can Podemos still make it?

Pablo Simón - 26 d octubre d 2015

So far this year, Podemos has lost nearly 10 points on voter intention surveys. Its best moment was January, when voting intention was close to 25 percent and everything suggested […]