Can Podemos still make it?

26 Oct, 2015 - - @kanciller

So far this year, Podemos has lost nearly 10 points on voter intention surveys. Its best moment was January, when voting intention was close to 25 percent and everything suggested a scenario similar to Italy in 2013, with three blocs balancing each other out (the left, the right and theanti-establishment groups).

But the outlook right now is very different. An average of survey results shows that voter support for Podemos has dropped to approximately 15%, and in recent surveys it has even been bested by Ciudadanos. Therefore, it seems increasingly unlikely that the majority parties will be surpassed by the newcomers, and everything instead indicates a future of coalitions.

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  1. Vanda Bezerra de Brito dice:

    Pues te remito a la encuesta encargada por el ObSERvatorio de la SER este lunes, donde gana PODEMOS en intención directa de votos (véase pag. 7).


    De eso no han publicado nada los de la SER, como tampoco en otras encuestas. Nos quieren convencer de que no EXISTE posibilidad real de cambio en España y que tenemos que resignarnos a aceptar por bueno a Albert Rivera, venga ya!

    Es increíble que vosotros los periodistas comáis con patatas lo que dice la prensa vendida. Venga a investigar más a fondo y no quedar solamente rascando la superficie y haciendo el juego a los de siempre!

  2. Vanda Bezerra de Brito dice:

    Well I send you the survey commissioned by the Observatory of the SER on last Monday, where PODEMOS won direct intention to vote (see p. 7).


    That has not published, anything about this in the SER, nor in other results. They want to convince us that there isn’t real possibility of change in Spain and we have to resign ourselves to accept Albert Rivera, come on!

    It’s amazing but tragic too see reporters, «comen con patatas» that manipulation. Come to investigate further and not be only scratching the surface and playing into the usual! Come on guys!


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