Daniel Bischof

Daniel Bischof is senior researcher (Oberassistent) in Comparative Politics at the University of Zurich (CH). Previously, he was a visitor at UC San Diego. He recently successfully defended his PhD under the examination of Lawrence Ezrow and Shane Martin. His main research interests lie in the field of Comparative Politics comprising questions of policy responsiveness to protest, party competition, government formation, strategies of niche parties, quantitative text analysis and quantitative methods.

What Merkel’s rhetoric can tell us about her approach to the refugee crisis

Daniel Bischof - 25 d mayo d 2016

Many observers of German politics were surprised and puzzled by German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s approach to the huge influx of refugees. Angela Merkel was not known to “lead” public opinion, […]

Lo que la retórica de Merkel nos dice sobre su estrategia en la crisis de refugiados

Daniel Bischof - 25 d mayo d 2016

A muchos espectadores de la política alemana les sorprendió la estrategia de Angela Merkel para abordar al influjo masivo de refugiados. Hasta entonces, la Canciller alemana no tenía fama de […]